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  • Calen N.

    Bothell, WA

    5.0 star rating 4/3/2015

    Steve and Trevor are awesome guys; they came out for me two times at the drop of a hat. If you are in need of two guys who are thorough, articulate, easy to talk to, and honest then look no further. They made time in their extremely busy schedules to help me out. In addition to their availability Steve has a ridiculous pedigree when it comes to construction and inspection. If you don't believe me check all his previous jobs and references on their website, once you are enamored by the depth of his knowledge then i advise you to pick up your smart phone and place a call. If you are polite you might just get him to come out right away and have him and Trevor knock your socks off with their uncanny ability to protect you from the many dangers of home buying. They see stuff you probably never would and they are just a couple of stand up gentlemen. 10/10 would hire.

    John S.

    Olympia, WA

    5.0 star rating 3/13/2015

    These guys are the best. Comprehensive,informative and downright pleasant to spend the afternoon with. Fantastic illustrated report too. Highly recommended.

    Alex H.

    Tacoma, WA

    5.0 star rating 2/22/2015

    Steve and Trevor are highly professional and very efficient.  They fully explained the entire process as they were going through and answered all of my questions fully.  I would highly recommend their service to everyone!

    Deric B.

    Belfair, WA

    5.0 star rating 11/9/2014

    These guys are awesome, as a first time home buyer I had no idea what to look out for. They showed me everything I need to know good and bad. They were very thorough and punctual I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a quality inspection for a great price as well. They are very knowledgeable as they have 23 years previous contractor experience and to sum it all up they are the best I could find after calling at least 50 inspectors.

    Leslie L.

    Sammamish, WA

    5.0 star rating 11/1/2014

    Professional,friendly and prompt. They did a great job, were thorough and honest. I'd hire them again without any reservations.

    Amy M.

    Tacoma, WA

    5.0 star rating 1/6/2014

    I was looking to purchase my first home and did not know anything about home inspection, or who to call. I typed in "home inspections" on google and came up with a list. I started calling, but got the same "cold" run-around...until I contacted SGA. Not only was Steve personable, but assured me he "specialized" in old homes. He explained everything as he went along. After viewing my home, he said "this is NOT a good home for you and your child"..."I will give you a discount if you promise me not to buy this home"..."if my daughter were looking to buy this home, I would tell her no". A week later, I had another home for him to inspect. "This", he said, "is a home I would tell my daughter to buy". I have now purchased my first home and could not be happier. I would recommend Steve hands down!! Thank you Steve!

    Casey S.

    Kirkland, WA

    5.0 star rating 9/3/2013

    Steven Abbott owner of SGA Inspection Services is an inspector above and beyond any inspector we have ever used. We found our dream home 5000 sq ft built in 1998 and scheduled an inspection with a firm that will remain nameless. The Inspector spent 6 hours on the property and provided a very ambiguous report that left us with many questions and no answers. My husband decided to do some research on the internet and interviewed several inspection firms. He was very impressed with Steven Abbott's attitude and depth of knowledge so we scheduled an inspection with SGA Inspection Services. Inspection day arrives and Steven begins the inspection, after about an hour Steven start explaining to us that the home’s exterior is coated with a product called EIFS a synthetic stucco material and that the product is improperly installed and there are many areas of moisture damage and Carpenter ant activity due to the moisture intrusion with signs of moisture intrusion at several windows. At That Point we ended the inspection and had our agent terminate our offer. Two weeks later we had Steven inspect our next prospective home and after Steven inspection we purchased the home and will now live happy ever after.

    Sarah  L.

    Maple Valley, WA

    5.0 star rating 5/28/2013

    Steven Abbott is a wonderful inspector and we love our new home. It is easy to write a glowing review when everything goes well but what I want to talk about is the first house I had Steven inspect. My father is a real estate agent so he scheduled the inspection and he assured me that SGA Inspection was the best inspector he has dealt with. The house was immaculate, 6 years old in a nice neighborhood every girls dream house, I didn't think we needed an inspection but my father advised me otherwise. Steven inspected the outside of the house and the roof, everything was looking good so we went inside to start the interior. We were standing in the living room when Steven said the front door was out of adjustment and there was something odd about it, he said he was going under the house to see if there was something wrong. About 20 min latter he reappeared and said the house framing had a massive fungus infestation something called Poria that extended under the entry and master bathroom. Steven said the damage was extensive and the cost would be in the neighborhood of $25,000.00 and would require the opening and repair of a large portion of the front exterior wall. My father called the sellers agent and informed her that we were terminating our offer. The seller's agent said the home had a pre-inspection and the home was given a clean bill of health so my inspector must be wrong well Steven was not wrong and he actually documented the whole thing on his web site. My Guardian Angel Steven Abbott.

    George E.

    Bellevue, WA

    5.0 star rating 5/26/2013

    Steve is the best inspector out there, I just wanted to get that out of the way. I have owned several homes in several states and have used several inspectors and they were all competent but not impressive. Steve Abbott impressed me with his inspection style and his report. A report that I can best describe as intimidating if you are on the wrong side of the table 90 pages long with 60 photographs, one, two or three photos with every deficiency, an awesome negotiating tool, he saved me thousands of dollars probably the best $ 300.00 I ever spent. Upon entering a bedroom Steve informed me that the gas furnace and the gas water heater were located in the bedroom closet and that this was a safety hazard that had to be corrected. As we continued the inspection Steve explained several options for the rectifying the furnace problem and explained the difficulties and cost associated with each solution all while continuing the inspection of other rooms. After renegotiation was done the seller paid a contractor to remove the dated furnace and water heater from the closet and relocate a new furnace and water heater in a code compliant location at a cost of $13,000.00 like I said the best $300.00 I ever spent

    James C.

    Olympia, WA

    5.0 star rating 5/26/2013

    First off this is three reviews rolled in to one. On the advice of a friend we contacted Steven Abbott owner of SGA Inspection Services to perform an inspection on our prospective home in Nov 2012 Mr. Abbott was courteous and very detail oriented. after going over the numerous structural, electrical and plumbing deficiency's that Mr. Abbott identified and discussing the potential costs, We terminated our offer .

    Forward to Jan 2013 The first inspection was a real eye opener and we felt sure we had the perfect house when we called Mr. Abbott to perform our second inspection and everything was looking good until Mr. Abbott came out of the crawlspace dripping wet, standing water in the crawlspace in conjunction with rot damage to the floor structure and Carpenter ant damage. This was a foreclosure sale and with the knowledge that the damage repairs would be costly. We terminated our offer

    We made an offer on a third home in Feb 2013 and again called Mr. Abbott to perform a home inspection and as was the case in the previous inspections he was courteous, detail oriented and eager to educate us about our prospective home and although many deficiencies were discussed and reported nothing major was found and we purchased the home.

    Although we have never dealt with a home inspector before we felt very fortunate to have had Mr. Abbott referred to us. Like most people my wife and I both work and our time is valuable and stress was high, throughout this ordeal Mr. Abbott kept everything in focus and calm his ability to explain the problems with the houses and offer accurate estimates of the costs of repairs was invaluable.

     212K House Buyer (Closed) Oct 25, 2014
  • Tacoma, WA [South End]

    Steve is a great inspector. He's very knowledgable about all things and is very thorough. There was an issue with an electrical ground but it was fixed the next day and Steve came back that day to inspect the repair. His inspection report was very neat and meticulous and included pictures of everything. I would definitely recommend SGA Inspections to everyone
 $280K Condo Buyer (Closed) May 23, 2014
Kent, WA 98032
Amazing service. You cannot beat this price anywhere in the Seattle area. Not only it's one of the best prices out there, they had two guys inspect the home, which made it twice as fast and as thorough. They inspected everything and also educated me on how I can save money on simple quick fixes.
 $270K House Buyer (Closed) Apr 16, 2013
Lakewood, WA [Monte Vista]
Being as well a licensed general contractor, Steven is able to bring real building experience into the inspection process. In researching inspectors I noticed they all use one of a handful of industry software programs. Using a template they simply edit to build a report for each inspection. Most of the report formats are difficult to read and are not user friendly. Steven's is in that group. But the information is what is most important and on that score he is top line.
John Rhyder
6 months ago-
I would highly recommend Steve and company to anyone needing a qualified inspector. His professionalism, contracting experience, timeliness, and complete documentation of all his findings went above and beyond our expectations. Within minutes he was doing a full roof and attic inspection, while the entire foundation structure was also documented and photographed. We ended up walking from the property he inspected for us. Thank you Steve for saving us thousands upon thousands of dollars. We will definitely be using your services again!

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$260K House Buyer (Closed) Mar 6, 2015
University Place, WA [University Place]
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$1.1M House Buyer (Closed) Feb 27, 2015
Gig Harbor, WA 98335
Really enjoyed accompanying Mr. Abbott on the home inspection. Very knowledgeable and patient with our questions. Extremely thorough and professional. We received a high quality inspection report the following day.
$297K House Buyer (Closed) Feb 23, 2015
Federal Way, WA 98003