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The total cost for the 120 hours Fundamentals of Home Inspection course is $2,995  The cost of the 40 hours of field training is $1,000 The combined cost of the classroom training and the field training is $3,995  ( Cash or Check ) A 3% fee will be added for credit cards.

Student Reviews


I'm a licensed home inspector in Oregon that recently completed SGA Inspection Service's two week long course in order to become an inspector in Washington state.  I signed up for the course in order to simply satisfy the state's educational requirements, but was pleasantly surprised with the overall experience.  I was able to leverage my previous experience as a home inspector with Steven and Treavor's coursework (as InterNACHI partners) and building experience in order to make me an even better inspector.  In retrospect, I don't believe I would have had as positive of an experience with some of the other companies out there that currently offer home inspection courses for Washington state.


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  • Brent L.
  • Seattle, WA.

I recently attended SGA's Home Inspector Training and was thoroughly impressed from start to finish.  SGA's facility was comfortable and impressed by use of multimedia technology to present course material.  Syllabus was in line with national home inspector standards and tailored to passing the WA state inspector test.  They nicely balanced coursework and practical inspection content. I enjoyed the small class size that allowed for more than adequate personal attention.

The instructors, Steve and Trevor, nicely complemented each other's strengths.  I found Steve's wealth of knowledge and willingness to teach invaluable.  Trevor, being relatively new to the industry, his experience and thoughts were always insightful and beneficial.  I'm not sure if you could find another class where the instructors are as seasoned, caring about the success of their students and thoughtful about the quality of course they teach.

I have no reservations about recommending SGA's course to any prospective student.  Without attending this course I highly doubt I would have been as prepared to successfully pass the state exam let alone felt as confident to start my own inspecting business.  If you are thinking about signing up for the course and would like a reference please do not hesitate to contact SGA for my contact information.


  • Ed Z
  • South Colby, WA

I recently attended and completed the SGA Home Inspector Training Course in Olympia, WA.  I also completed 40 hours of field study with SGA.  Within 1 week of completing the courses I passed the Washington State Home Inspector Exam and have since opened my own inspection services company. Thanks to Steve and Trevor for sharing their real world experiences along with the classroom study to make the program a well-balanced education, and a good time!


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This is a list of our students and their Washington state home inspector license number

Graduate List

August 2015

Brent LaDoux              

Lic.# 1467       

Robert Inman              

Lic.# 1459

Ed Zumwalt                 

Lic.# 1454

Bryan Zimmerman        

Lic.# 1453


October 2015

Justin Graff                  

Lic.# 1489

Brandon Knight             

Lic.# 1482

Alan Bowles                    

Lic.# 1481

Daniel Hartman             

Lic.# 1599

John Frazier                    

Lic.# 1498


November 2015

Nicholas Hunter            

Lic.#  1518

Charlie Johnson             

Lic.# 1516

Bill Wysocki                    

Lic.# 1528

Shannon Russell            

Lic.# 1517


January 2016

Sean Langley                  

Lic.# 1558

Todd Jacobs                    

Lic.# 1560

Chad Heitz

John Lile                          

Lic.# 1567

Charles Lewis                 

Lic.# 1561


February 2016

Karl Ozlin                        

Lic.# 1586

Jimmy Koch                    

Lic.# 1585

Jeffrey Antilla                

Lic.#  1595

Christopher Edwards

Rob Crawford

Dave Leger                      

Lic.# 1587

Adam Herbenson          

Lic.# 1664


March 2016

Nathan Kilby                   

Lic.# 1600

Mitch Moody                   

Lic.#  1621

Jim Harum

Kevin Buselmeier

Brandon Rogers             

Lic.# 1659


May 2016

Ruben Rodocker            

Lic.# 1618

Don Gardner                   

Lic.# 1612

Bryan Ellis                       

Lic.# 1673

Aaron Croom                 

Lic.# 1675

Jason Stone                     

Lic.# 1671

Phillip Frost                    

Lic.# 1670


June 2016

Tim Johannes                 

Lic.# 1677

David Bean

Mike Johnson                  

Lic.# 1676

Larry Burgess                 

Lic.# 1684

Patric Daw

Jarrod Youman               

Lic.# 1683

George Green                  

Lic.# 1695


July 2016

Daren Dean                    

Lic.#  1712

Travis Riley                  

Jamie Canby                   

Lic.#  1720

Harold Appelgate         

Lic.#  1715

Michael Klatt                 

Lic.#  1719

Jeff Wright                      

Lic.#  1710


September 2016

Rick Vian

Tim DeLong                   

Lic.#   1737

Steven Jorgensen          

Lic.#   1739

Kevin Brooks

Richard Juneau             

Lic.#   1738