Home Inspector Field Training. Washington State requires prospective home inspectors to receive field training from a seasoned and licensed home inspector before they can apply for a home inspectors license

Field Training is a Very Important Part of a Complete Home Inspection Training Program

The total cost for the 120 hours Fundamentals of Home Inspection course is $2,995  The cost of the 40 hours of field training is $1,000 The combined cost of the classroom training and the field training is $3,995  ( Cash or Check ) A 3% fee will be added for credit cards.

If you’re interested in a career in home inspection a solid home inspector field training program is essential. While acquiring technical knowledge through studying is an important part of our training program, home inspectors benefit greatly by having the field training required by the state of Washington.

Improve Your Skills 

Field training is opportunity to apply the skills you’ve learned through your studies. You get to see real situations and learn to investigate components hands-on, which is very different than reading about it in a book.



Since you’ll be using your skills hands-on, both your competence and confidence in the field of home inspection will grow. Being confident in your skills will be apparent to your clients once you’re running your business, and you’ll feel more at ease because you know what you’re doing. You’ll also minimize your liability by learning what to do (and what not to do) from an experienced professional, which is a vital component to a complete home inspection training program.


Experience Real Issues

In the real world, there are going to be unexpected issues. Through field training, you can experience these situations and observe how your instructor deals with them. With field training, you will discover the answer to many common problems. When you start your new business, you’ll be prepared to calmly and professionally handle any issues that may arise during your inspections.

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Benefit from Working with a Trained Professional

Field training is a great opportunity to ask questions. We are there to support you and teach you to avoid mistakes that new home inspectors often make. On top of this, by simply listening to your instructor you’ll learn important tricks of the trade that only experienced inspectors know, and you’ll be a better inspector.


A complete home inspection training program that includes field training will allow you to hit the ground running with your career. You’ll be knowledgeable in both theory and application, and will be able to make more informed choices when it comes to inspecting homes and running your business professionally.

At Washington Home inspector Training, our Home Inspector Training Program includes field training that will allow you to master your skills. If you’re interested in learning more about our program call (360) 485-7123 or email us at




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